本公司於1999年成立, 主要從事生產及設計各類模型,至今巳累積了10年的經驗。手工精美,以及不斷更新設計,為每一位顧客提供專業,優質及稱心的服務。歡迎公司或個人電郵洽談合作。

 本公司產品及設計包括:  交通工具比例金屬精緻模型,遙控模型,Q版巴士模型,閃燈電話繩,收藏品,玩具,文具.

Welcome to CarsWorkshop

 Established in 1999, our company is specialized in producing and designing hand made models.  With 10 years of experience, we have very good craftsmanship and excellence product quality.  We also have new products every year.  we also provide professional and quality services for every customer.  Interested company and individual are welcome to contact us for business or co-operation.

Our product and the design includes: transportation vehicle metal fine models in various ratios, remote-control models,Q version bus models ,telephone rope with flashing light,collectables,toys,stationery.